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  3. Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed - S2 Works

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  6. Wildstar, Character Design, Female Objectification, Sexual Dimorphism and Biology in Video Games


    We need to talk about the character designs in Wildstar.

    We need to talk about the character designs in all science fiction and fantasy franchises that feature non-humans.

    Wildstar is a science-fiction MMO currently in beta, developed by Carbine Studios. The general thrust of Wildstar is something along the lines of Firefly, Star Wars, and Ratchet & Clank; not exactly a grimdark sci-fi thriller. The mechanical features look interesting and the art style, in and of itself, is really vivid—but what they’re doing within the style?


    The NDA dropped on a bunch of Wildstar content and character creation videos are up. You can watch them all, but here I’m just going to focus on the Granok, Draken, and Mechari.

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  7. Rosemary’s Baby Jazz Vocal Version - Kryzsztof Komeda

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  8. Sophie and Peter Johnson - Sold On You

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